There are thousands of hard working Americans that are using their MAXX-D trailers to move stuff to make a living, and we’re proud to share their stories with you!

This week, we’re sharing the story of Julian Contreras with Heritage Hauling.

People like Julian are making America a better place, one haul at a time. We want to share these ‘Blue Collar Hauler’ Stories with you all in the hopes that you too will pick up the Blue Collar gauntlet and move stuff to make a living, or if you already do, that you will be encouraged to keep going and build something great out there.

You can make it happen, just like these Blue Collar Haulers featured here.




Who are you and where are you from?

“We are Julian and Christina Contreras, and we are from Riverside California.”

What do you do?

“My wife and I own Heritage Hauling LLC, based out of Riverside California, which is a Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal business that focuses on light demolition projects. Aside from this, my wife is a nurse specializing in allergies/pediatrics, I work in law enforcement, and our partner is involved in local government. I guess you could say we’re all in some sort of public service.”



How did you get started?

“Our business was founded by my wife Christina and I, and later we brought on my good friend Fernando to join us. We got started after listening to my father-in-law, who is a General Contractor, mention he was only allowed to drive his dump truck 1,000 miles a year due to our strict California Clean Air regulations for heavy-duty diesel vehicles over 14,000 lbs. I figured since he couldn’t drive his dump truck, he could rent out our dump trailer or Roll-Offs if we bought a few.

Our main source of information to get started came from both YouTube and Google. I didn’t know anyone in this industry so my business plan was created by using what is called the SWOT Analysis: Looking at my competition and then analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends.

YouTube had some great content describing the pros and cons of the Junk Removal Industry and the different equipment options, while Google provided information pertaining to the LLC structure, insurance, trailer manufacturers, business permits, DBA’s, landfill information, operational costs, etc.”



What’s your favorite part of what you do?

“What we love the most is being able to interact with individuals of all backgrounds, and listening to their stories as we share our own. We enjoy finding quick solutions for both our residential and commercial clients and ensuring they’re getting the best service to fit their needs.

The places and people this industry has brought us to have been amazing.”



How does your trailer help you get work done?

“Without our MAXX-D dump trailer (who we feel makes a superior product from the competition ) we wouldn’t be able to:

1. Service our dumpster rental/junk removal or demolition clients with their needs.
2. Shave hours off our labor by bringing heavy equipment onto the job site.
3. Save crucial time from our dump runs by having the hydraulic dump option.
4. Give us the flexibility to take either household junk or heavier dirt/concrete loads without breaking our back to unload.
5. Higher quality equipment leads to less breakdowns which means saving time and money.

Without our MAXX-D equipment we simply wouldn’t be in business.”



Julian, it’s refreshing to see honest, hard working people like you and your team running a blue collar business like this while still serving the people around you in different ways, like pediatrics, law enforcement, and government. Call us crazy, but we think that there should be many more blue collar public service people in our country.

Do you have a Blue Collar Hauler story to share with us? We’d be thrilled to tell your story!