We share Blue Collar Hauler Stories like this one because we believe that honest, hard working blue collar people make a country great. These builders, fixers, and growers move stuff with their trailers to make a living and as they do that, they move their communities and our nation forward.

We hope you are inspired by these stories to get out there and haul stuff for a living too. Let’s build something great, guys!




Who are you and where are you from?

“My Name is Cesar Cambron and I am 25 years old and my brother Alexander Cambron is 21 years old. Together, we started our Company, Azteka Development LLC back in 2018. We were both born and raised in Georgia, but both of our parents were born in Michoacán, Mexico.”

What do you do for a living?

“Azteka Development LLC was created back in 2018, and we started it as a Forestry Mulching Company, but we branched out to almost every aspect in the construction industry after the first year. Now we offer services throughout Georgia, from doing a custom landscape installation to framing million dollar homes.”



How did you get started?

Back in 2018, I was working for a landscape company and my brother was working for a construction company. Everyday we would come home and talk about our day, and we knew that we wanted more in life. We decided to take all of our savings and invest in some new trucks, skid steer machines, and of course our trailers, which includes our MAXX-D DTX Dump Trailer.

The first year was very scary because we were just two young kids trying to make in the construction world, but people started realizing that we were the real deal; two honest young men doing great work at very reasonable prices. Now, every day before we head out for work my brother and I look at each other and tell each we’re proud of each other, because we took our skills and talents and have created a company that gives us the opportunity to show our work.



What’s your favorite part of what you do?

“We have two things we especially enjoy about what we do for a living: One is the before-and-after concept. There is nothing better than being able to create something or transform it. It could be from installing some new sod in a backyard to tearing down an old deck and building a new one.

Our other favorite part is being able to use our skills and talents for ourselves and our own business. Back in 2018, we both realized that all we were doing with our skills and talents was making other people and companies wealthier and we soon started to realized we were not big fans of that idea. My brother and I have been blessed with numerous skills and talents that have played a key role in our young company’s success.”



How does your trailer help you get work done?

“One of our favorite trailers that we love to use is our MAXX-D DTX Dump Trailer!! Every time we drive to Home Depot or Local Plant Nurseries, people are always giving compliments on how great our trailer and truck setup looks. We use our dump trailers for numerous of things from hauling our Bobcat skid steer throughout Georgia, to picking up 16ft palm trees in Florida, or just using it as a dumpster for one of our construction job sites. My brother and I are super proud owners of our MAXX-D Dump Trailer because we know that this quality built trailer has played a key part in Azteka Development LLC business success!”




Cesar, Alexander, we’re inspired to see two young entrepreneurs like you guys use what they do best to serve the community around them and feed their families. At MAXX-D, we believe in the entrepreneur, the working man that sees a need and fills it. Keep doing what you guys do out there, your work speaks for itself!

You can follow Cesar and Alexander online at:

Instagram – @azteka_development_llc

Facebook – Azteka Development LLC

The trailer Azteka Developments uses is a MAXX-D DTX 16k Dump Trailer.