Who are you and where are you from?

“My name is Jacob Wells and I was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California.”



What do you do for a living?

“I run and own a local small business called Full Tilt Industries. We specialize in Dumpster Rentals and Hauling Services throughout Sonoma County.”



How did you get started?

“My dad runs a successful drywall business here in Sonoma County. He started his business when I was born in 1998. Before I started Full Tilt, I was doing most of the material deliveries and job clean up for him. I didn’t see my future of being in drywall though, I loved being in my truck towing the trailer!”

“I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2017. If someone would tell me I would be starting and running a business in 2022, I would not believe them, haha. I could hardly do normal day-to-day responsibilities, just the thought of starting a business would stress me out. I have some amazing friends and family that helped me and keep supporting me.”

“Now in 2022 with the help of my awesome doctor, my Lyme is almost in remission! If I can do it you can do it! NEVER GIVE UP! It’s the stopping that hurts you. With having a lot of friends and family in construction I instantly had contacts to help get me started, which is a huge help for starting this type of business!”



What’s your favorite part of what you do?

“My favorite part of what I do is towing my trailer! From backing into a hard-to-get area, meeting new people and visiting new places. I don’t really call it a job anymore, it’s just something I love to do! Leaving the job site with your customer happy is definitely a bonus too.”



How does your trailer help you get work done?

“The MAXX-D RPX Roll-Off Trailer is the heart of the business. My favorite part about the trailer is the amount of jobs you can do with it, from dumpster rentals, hauling services, material deliveries, to small equipment hauling.”

“Where the trailer really shines for us though is on dumpster rentals. The dumpsters are low to the ground which makes for easier loading and are able to get into areas where some other companies can’t because of their equipment being too heavy. We made a good choice going with MAXX-D Trailers and are looking forward to adding more sizes of dumpsters to our fleet soon!”




Jacob, it’s refreshing to hear from a guy that not only has overcome massive obstacles, but also loves to haul his trailer around with his truck. We’re honored to share your story, and thoroughly inspired by what you’ve done.

We believe you’re right: If you can do it, others can too. Just never, ever give up! Keep going man, we know you’re building something great.

You can follow Jacob online at:

Instagram – @FullTiltIndustries

Facebook – @FullTiltIndustries

Website – www.fulltiltindustries.com

The trailer Jacob uses is a MAXX-D RPX Roll-Off Dump Trailer, which is the big brother to our 14-16k ROX Roll-Off Dump Trailer.