Who are you and where are you from?

“My name is Brandon Cole and I am the owner of Time Saver Land Management, LLC. I was born in Arkansas and grew up in a military family calling many states and counties home. Home is now in Randolph County, Alabama.”



What do you do for a living?

“When someone outside of the industry typically asks this question of me, I normally respond by saying, “I eat trees and create million-dollar views.” I own, manage, and operate Time Saver Land Management, LLC which mainly focuses on forestry mulching.”



How did you get started?

“After graduating college, I went into local law enforcement and worked my way up to a Federal Police Officer position for the National Security Agency. Following my law enforcement career of 7 years, my family and I found property in Alabama where we started a farm to grow and raise food for ourselves. The property we purchased led me into this industry as it needed lots of land management.

What essentially began as a personal need, slowly transformed into building a business and helping others. Along the way, I have had several friends and family members help me get this business to where it is today. If not for their sacrifices, I would not be where I am and have the abilities to continue growing my business. As for resources, I have gained several close friends in the industry even through social media where I can seek advice anytime.”



What’s your favorite part of what you do?

“Forestry Mulching, to me, is not just about taking some trees down or clearing brush. I view my job as an art. Not only do I enjoy listening to my customers to really hone in on their specific needs but I like to find ways to create something they can be proud of ie: those million-dollar views I mentioned. Operating a mulcher, to me, is a great mix of peace, as I listen to audiobooks while operating, and excitement to see just how nice I can make the land look for the customer.”



How does your tilt flatbed trailer help you get work done?

“The MAXX-D Slide-X Tilt Flatbed was the fourth trailer I purchased but my first experience with MAXX-D. I purchased the Slide-X because of a very dangerous situation I encountered using another trailer.

After that dangerous situation, I began researching low-profile trailers and trailers that could handle loading heavy equipment at less of an incline. I found a MAXX-D video on YouTube and two days later, after calling several stores, I found a dealer in Tennessee with one in stock.

Now, using the Slide-X, I no longer dread the loading and unloading and it allows me to load forward or in reverse, no matter what equipment I’m using. It’s a peace of mind that I enjoy having and it has greatly reduced the time needed for transporting equipment.

The MAXX-D Slide X trailer not only looks good, it performs well, and it is a perfect fit with it’s time-saving and energy-saving abilities and fits my company name well: Time Saver Land Management.”




Brandon, it’s refreshing to see an forestry artist like you making the landscape his canvas, and we’re stoked to be part of that. Our country needs more blue collar artisans like you out there making the world a better, prettier place, one job at a time. Here’s to making many more million dollar views! We’re cheering you on man.

You can follow Brandon online at:

Instagram – @timesaver_landmanagement

Facebook – @Time Saver Land Management

TikTok – @TimeSaverlandmanagement

Website –

The trailer Brandon uses is a MAXX-D TTX 26k Slide-X Sliding Axle Tilt Flatbed.