A wise man once said, “Work your day job but never quit your day dream.”

That’s what Joseph is doing; he holds down a job and he has a business of his own that he is growing on the side. With a job, a wife, and a baby, life is busy for him, but he’s doing what it takes to build something of his own to pass down to his family. Let’s dive into his story!



Who are you and where are you from?

“My name is Joseph Vega, and I am from Modesto, California.”



What do you do for a living?

“I’m currently in the process of starting my own business, Vega Landscaping. I do a variety of jobs ranging from one time yard clean ups, yard maintenance, sod installation, tree removal, and material removal if needed. I have a day-job as a groundskeeper, then after work I work on my Landscaping business.”



How did you get started?

“In high school I used to do lawn maintenance. As I went on to working as a groundskeeper for my day job I gained a lot of knowledge that helped me expand what I offer and to start my own landscaping business. I went from just offering yard clean ups to being able to transform yards by preparing for new sod or converting to a drought-friendly yard.”

“My grandmother helped me start off in high school by lending me a mower, then my father-in-law helped by lending me a weed eater, blower and other tools until I could buy my own equipment for my business.”

“My father in law also knew I was starting my own business and suggested we get a dump trailer together to help lessen the workload on both of us. We both have businesses that require the use of a trailer at times so it was the perfect decision to get a dump trailer for landscaping to help both of our businesses out.”



What’s your favorite part of what you do?

“I love to be outside working and see the transformations I am making on people’s yards. Also, the feedback from the customers and how they love the work that was done is always rewarding.”



How does your MAXX-D dump trailer for landscaping help you get work done?

“The DJX is a great landscape trailer that is a huge help since it allows me to do more clean ups in a day. I no longer have to stop in between houses to unload a regular trailer by hand. The trailer is great for new lawn installations since I can have all the materials and my equipment in the trailer when working a job.”

“I bought my MAXX-D DJX Dump Trailer from California Custom Trailers in Lodi, CA.”






Joseph, we’re proud of you for working hard to be family man, hold down a job, and run your own business on the side after hours. The entrepreneur life is not an easy one, but it is rewarding. We need more people like you that are willing to do what it takes to build something of their own. Keep hustling, we’re cheering you on man!

Instagram – @vega_landscaping_

TikTok – @joseph_vega_209_

The trailer Joseph uses is a MAXX-D DJX 14k Heavy-Duty Dump Trailer.