Like many of us, the majority of Rick’s career was spent working hard in a factory, which meant having to miss many events in his personal life because of his demanding schedule and lack of time freedom. After 34 years of factory work, he’s his own boss, running his own dump/dumpster rental company. Now he’s free to do what he loves and to schedule his own days thanks in part to his MAXX-D roll-off dump trailers.

Without further ado, here’s the Reyna’s story!



Who are you and where are you from?

“My name is Rick Reyna and my wife’s name is Lupe Reyna. We live in Lemoore, California and we work the Kings County area and surrounding counties in central California. We are The Dump Pros!”



What do you do for a living?

“I retired from my full-time job of 34 years at a cheese factory to operate our business full time doing junk removal and dumpster rentals and real estate investing house flipping. My wife is a stay-at-home Grandma and handles all our social media, building it up day by day and great at it!”




How did you get started?

“As real estate investors and house flippers, the need for trailers to haul demo and materials to and from the site was always there. I had always said to my wife that my next trailer we would buy would be a dump trailer-I would always snarl at the people beside me at the dump with dump trailers emptying out in two minutes and it taking me 20 or more minutes to do the same.

When someone stole my utility trailer from a flip house I was not happy about it, but it sure made it a lot easier to make that dump trailer purchase. During my research online about great trailer quality, I read so many good things about MAXX-D trailers, and that pretty much made up my mind about which roll-off dump trailers to buy. We started off buying a MAXX-D D7X 12k Dump Trailer 12’ with 4’ walls.

Real estate helped us with the purchase of our MAXX-D ROX Gooseneck Roll Off Trailer; we used some of the proceeds from a flip house to pay for our trailer and roll-off dumpsters. Along the way we figured out that we can make more money with a dumpster than we can with a rental house, which is pretty much set in stone. A dumpster we make a one time investment for only a fraction of what a rental house costs and we can rent it multiple times per month! Love that concept!

When the trailer was not in use I started looking for ways to make money with it. I went to the University of YouTube and the rest is history. Our first pick up was a fridge February 10th 2021. Now we’re up to two 12 cubic yard trailers trailers, to two 20 yard and two 14 yard dumpsters. Grow grow grow!

We’re currently at 6 units. We do the junk removal when requested but we really enjoy the dumpster rental part of the business and aim to grow in both directions!”



What’s your favorite part of what you do?

“Meeting great people that are in need, a lot of times the need for our services comes after the loss of a loved one and parting with those memories is difficult. We sympathize with the family and help them in any way possible.

On top of that, working the days and hours we set is the icing on the cake, being our own boss has been a long time coming, and never again will I miss an important family function because of work. Being able to schedule around important dates and events is one of the freedoms most important to us.

After working in a factory for over 34 years and one that runs 24/7, 365 days a year, you can imagine how many things I missed and the time that I could never get back. No amount of money is worth that time or those gatherings with family and friends.”



How do your MAXX-D roll-off dump trailers help you get work done?

“My trailers are built solid! Very reliable and not to mention they look very good! We get so many compliments on both my MAXX-D trailers, especially my Gooseneck ROX Roll Off Trailer, especially when I have my big 20 cubic yard dumpster loaded up.

I love that I can maneuver it into the tightest spaces even in those neighborhoods with the narrow streets! That is one of the things that I consider a daily challenge for me, when I pick up and drop my dumpsters, the degree of difficulty to set it in place and of course to be able to pick it up and so far I have left no dumpster behind lol.

We bought our last dumpsters from California Custom Trailers in Paso Robles, and they are a top-notch Dealer. Mike Garnet is my contact there and I love that he is able to get me what I need.”






Time levels the playing field. Rick, we’re stoked that you have the freedom to make your own schedule and be your own boss. We couldn’t be prouder to be part of what you are doing.

What about you? Are you satisfied with how you are able to spend your time? Is a time-intensive, demanding job taking you from the things you value most? If so, maybe it’s time to start your own thing and be your own boss.

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The trailers The Dump Pros, Rick and Lupe, use are the MAXX-D D7X 12k Dump and the MAXX-D ROX 14k Roll-Off Dump.