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It's a pretty cool day when we get to share a little about a Blue Collar Hauler we sponsor! Chad is doing some super cool stuff on his YouTube channel and has even worked with our good friends over at Turnin' Rust. Right now he's using one of our T6X Power Tilt Trailers to rescue rare vehicles and parts from old barns and fields and we just love watching his adventures and hope that you do too! 

Chad Cox is from Muskogee, Oklahoma and he runs and operates Chaddilac Designs, Inc.

Let's get to his story!

What do you do for a living?

I build hot rods and also buy/sell vintage cars and parts.

Chaddilac Designs

How did you get started?

I fell in love with old cars as a kid when I was was building a 1939 Chevrolet sedan. I do lots of driving around and looking for cars and hit all the swap meets for parts.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

The best part is the thrill of the hunt for the rarest parts.

How does your MAXX-D trailer help you get work done?

My MAXX-D trailer makes quick work of loading these vintage cars whether they have flat tires or no tires!

Sponsored by MAXX-D!

Chad may not have purchased his trailer at a local dealership, but he uses it day in and day out to make a living. 

YouTube - @chaddilacdesigns

Facebook - @ChaddilacDesignsInc

Instagram - @chaddilacdesigns

Website -

Chad is currently using one of our MAXX-D T6X Power Tilt Car Haulers for his parts and restoration business.