There are thousands of hard working Americans all over the country that are using their MAXX-D trailers to move stuff to make a living, and we’re so stoked to share their stories with you!

This week, we’re sharing the story of Eric and Manuel with Retana Brothers. They use a MAXX-D YDX to haul construction equipment to their job sites.

People like the Retana Brothers are making America a better place by hauling stuff every day. We want to share these ‘Blue Collar Hauler’ Stories with you all in the hopes that you too will pick up the Blue Collar gauntlet and move stuff to make a living, or if you already do, that you will be encouraged to keep going and build something great out there.


Who are you and where are you from?

“We are the Retanas brothers. I am Eric Retana and my brother is Manuel Retana and we are both from Dos Palos, California.”

What do you do?

“For living, we work full time for a Case IH Tractor Dealership as diesel technicians. We are now starting our own personal business as a part-time gig, called Retana Brothers. We eventually would like to become full-time in our own business. We haul our personal equipment to the job site and move our customer’s equipment with our MAXX-D YDX Hydraulic Dovetail Flatbed.”

How did you get started?

“It first got started because of our job as diesel technicians, which means we see many different tractors come in with semis and gooseneck trailers. Our interest in becoming haulers one day only grew from there. When the right time came along, we made our first purchase, buying our Ford-450 platinum dually. We then got our MAXX-D YDX gooseneck trailer. A couple of months later, we purchased our first equipment, the Case backhoe, and the mini-excavator, and there’s more to come!”

“Our parents were a massive contribution to our business, and they are the reason why we started the Retana Brothers in the first place. Because of the nature of our job, we meet people who are involved in different kinds of hauling, and they helped with providing us with resources and also gave us different advice on things, like how to get started with our business and where to go for resources. We are very thankful for the support we have from friends and family.”

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

“Our favorite thing about what we do is the actual experience of hauling stuff down the road, and we get to meet so many new people. We definitely like the comments we receive on our towing set up. The compliments and head turns we get as nice as well. We use the trailer for business but also for entertainment and fun with family and friends. We like to go off-roading with our razors, and the MAXX-D trailer makes it easy to load and unload them quickly.”

How does your trailer help you get work done?

“Our MAXX-D YDX trailer makes the job of loading and unloading equipment easy with the hydraulic dovetail gooseneck. This means we can do our job faster and have more time to help more people and haul more loads for our customers.”


Eric, Manuel, it’s inspiring to see guys like you who are technically savvy with machines and have aspirations to be full-time Blue Collar Haulers. Your passion for hauling and machines is evident; keep hauling guys! We’re proud to be part of what you guys are doing out there.

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