Got vehicles of all shapes and sizes to haul? Vehicle recovery is a budding industry that is easy for anyone to enter with a ¾ ton truck and the proper tilt trailer. People with broken-down vehicles need to have their vehicles towed as quickly as possible, and likely they’re willing to pay to get it done promptly.

In the vehicle recovery industry, you need to have a versatile trailer that is easy to operate, outfitted with an electric winch, wide enough for any vehicle you need to load, and has the carrying capacity for whatever needs to be hauled. The T6X 102” wide full-bed tilt trailer makes the ideal vehicle recovery trailer, paired with a winch and drive-over fenders.

If working out in nature, operating equipment, mulching trees, and making million-dollar views is your game, the Land Management Industry might be for you. Many landowners are looking to reclaim their land by getting brush cleared, thinning the trees, and opening up beautiful views in the process. The mulching/land management industry offers a lucrative business opportunity for those that live in highly forested areas of the country.

To run a land management company, you need a way to transport your skidsteer and equipment. As a full bed tilt with a 16k GVWR, a 102” wide deck, and 83” between the fenders, the T8X Tilt Trailer makes a phenomenal skidsteer hauler.

Power Equipment Trailer

Popular Vehicle Recovery and Skidsteer Hauling Rigs

Daniel Vaca Towing
Daniel Vaca with Daniel’s Towing
Daniel does vehicle recovery down in the highly populated Los Angeles metro, where the there are cars a plenty. He uses his 14k T6X Tilt Trailer equipped with a winch to load up broken down or abandoned vehicles and he transports vehicles as his livelihood.
Instagram: @danielstowing

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Timmy Malm with 603 DirtWorks
Timothy does excavation, land management, and construction projects out in New Hampshire, which means he’s got heavy equipment to haul. He uses a 16k T8X Tilt trailer to move his skidsteers, mini-excavators, and even massive logs on and off the jobsite.
Instagram: @603_dirt_works
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David Jayroe II with Jayroe’s Stump Grinding
David lives down in southern Louisiana, where you get tornados and hurricanes, which means there is plenty of stump grinding to do year-round. He gets his stump grinders to the job-site with his C6X Gooseneck Car and Equipment Hauler.
Instagram: @lastumpman

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Car and Equipment Hauler

C6X/C8X Car/Equipment Haulers
  • Simple trailer with no battery system
  • Slightly lighter than a similar length tilt trailer
  • Less cost than a tilt trailer
  • You can upgrade to an H6X or H8X for a 102” wide deck
  • Loading is more difficult because you have to use ramps
  • Loading angle is steeper than tilt trailer
  • Must have a battery power package added to power an electric winch

gravity tilt equipment trailer

G6X/G8X Gravity Tilts
  • No battery to keep charged
  • Easier to use than a carhauler with ramps
  • Has a stationary deck for hauling cargo
  • It is manually operated
  • Does not tilt the entire deck
  • Not as good of a loading angle as the T series tilts
  • Longer wheel-based vehicles can be more difficult to haul with gravity tilts
  • Must have a battery power package added to power an electric winch
  • Costs more than a carhauler

power tilt equipment trailer

T6X/T8X Power Tilts
  • Push-button trailer that is super simple to load and unload
  • Tilts the entire deck for loading and unloading
  • Full 83” between the fenders just like the C and H series car haulers
  • You can upgrade to a full-width 102” deck for extra deck space
  • Has a battery that can power an electric winch
  • Has a battery that must remain charged
  • A bit heavier than a plain carhauler
  • Costs more than a carhauler
  • GVWR: 14,000 - 21,000lb
  • LENGTH: 22 - 32ft
  • TILT ANGLE: 10 - 13°
  • Bumperpull or Gooseneck
  • 83” of space between fenders
  • Upgrade to 102” wide deck
  • BASE MSRP: $14,066
  • GVWR: 14,000lb
  • LENGTH: 20 - 24ft
  • TILT ANGLE: 12 - 13°
  • Bumperpull or Gooseneck
  • 83” of space between fenders
  • Upgrade to 102” wide deck
  • BASE MSRP: $12,633