Why Choose Us


We’re a family-owned and run company that’s helping other families grow their businesses.

Diverse Product Line

We offer a wide variety of trailers that you can use to help grow your business: Dumps, tilts, flatbeds, roll-offs, and car/equipment haulers.

Trusted By Thousands

Since 1999, we’ve built over 100,000 trailers for the blue collar working people of America.

Premium Powder Coat

Our paint lasts longer because all of our trailers are finished with our thorough, six-step powdercoat primer and paint process.

Proudly Made In Texas

Our hard-working trailers are 100% built in the great state of Texas. Texas-made, commercial grade.

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Are You A Blue Collar Hauler?

Blue Collar Haulers are hard working builders, fixers, and growers that move stuff with their MAXX-D trailers to make a living. We’re passionate about helping blue collar professionals grow their businesses and that’s why we build trailers tailored-made for the working man.

Across America, thousands of haulers are busy building their own businesses, being their own bosses, and bettering their communities with the work they do every day. We believe honest, hard working people are what makes our country great, and we’re proud to be part of what so many of them are doing out there.

Share Your Story

Are you a Blue Collar Hauler using your MAXX-D Trailer to make a living? Share you story with us to be featured in a Blue Collar Hauler Newsletter and receive some free MAXX-D swag! Email sales@maxxdtrailers.com with the subject line, "Blue Collar Hauler," and send us your name, phone number and address. We can't wait to hear from you!